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Crestar Health LLC philosophy of treatment begins with treating all consumers, consumer families, and others with dignity and respect. Crestar does not discriminate regarding admission of consumers based upon race, religion, or social status.

Crestar Health LLC strives to maintain a philosophy of treatment that will evolve over many years while we work with consumers and their families. The Crestar’s philosophy of treatment builds upon as well as incorporates the mission statement of Crestar Health LLC.

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The focus of the treatment is to address not only the consumers’ presenting problems but also their physical health issues, educational needs, leisure sills, and family relationships. Our philosophy is to provide person-centered services based on consumer choice.

Crestar Health LLC will serve a variety of consumers with significant impairment to their cognitive, behavioral, emotional and social functioning. Our philosophy, therefore, encompasses a variety of beliefs regarding successful treatment that includes the following:

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  • A focus on the therapeutic relationship that puts the needs of the consumer first.
  • Highly individualized treatment in a safe and home-like setting
  • A strong commitment to family involvement.
  • A multi-disciplinary treatment approach that focuses on teaching consumers responsibility and accountability for their behaviors, that addresses their clinical needs, and also includes age-appropriate normative tasks.
  • A focus on healing with a goal of reintegration into an appropriate living environment.